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Sally McLean honoured with NZ Web Fest Alum Award at 2023 festival

I am so delighted, thrilled, gobsmacked and all the things to share that over the weekend I was awarded the NZ Web Fest Alum Award.

The New Zealand Web Fest Alum Awards recognise people who’ve contributed significantly to NZ Web Fest over several years. These awards recognise people’s support of both the festival and of the web series space in general. I was able to accept the award in person (over Zoom) during the International Web Series Award Ceremony and thank Festival Director, Keith Barclay live on the call for this amazing honour just after it was announced.

I’m still processing this and the award Walking Shadows Vol. 2 won at the festival for Best Ensemble (International Narrative). While it might seem that I’m winning awards every other day, I’m not, but also each and every award is a surprise and an amazing experience. Nothing can be taken for granted and so I am never sure if these projects will do well or not once out in the world. Therefore each and every acknowledgement of my work in this way is so appreciated and valued.

Thank you NZ Web Fest for acknowledging my contributions to not just your fabulous festival, but also to the wider web series world. New Zealand Web Fest have been so supportive of myself and my work over the past 8 years since I began playing in the web series arena, and this acknowledgement of that work from this festival means so much.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I LOVE New Zealand and NZ Web Fest!