Sally’s Acting Credits

Sally has been on stage since the age of ten, when she began working with a youth theatre company which toured Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia every school holidays, as well as being part of a memorable tour with the same group to Europe, performing in Amsterdam (Holland), The Engstligenalp (Switzerland) and London (England) when she was just 15.

She began in the Vaudeville tradition, doing stand up comedy at age 13 to 2,000 audience members and the Governor of Victoria at the Melbourne Arts Centre, Hamer Hall, to raise money for the Royal Children’s Hospital, moving onto dancing on Channel 7’s Good Friday Appeal the year after as a child entertainer, before leading the Moomba Parade as her persona of “Bubbles The Clown” that same year.

Music Hall then beckoned as a young singer and actor before she tackled television sketch comedy, professional musical theatre, then children’s television, professional Shakespeare productions, television drama and sitcom, onto dramatic film and now she just goes where the work takes her (although it’s leading her more and more back to comedy and Shakespeare, as the fates would have it).

To paraphrase the iconic 1980’s film The Blues Brothers: “We have both kinds here – drama and comedy.”

Here is the list of what Sally has done in her acting career so far:


Age Range: 40-50
Height: 5′ 7″
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Nationality: Australian
Heritage: Scots/Irish


MEAA/Equity, AACTA Member (Actor, Director & Producer Chapters), ADG (Associate Member), AWG (Associate Member)


Degree In Dramatic Art, The Actor’s Institute, London, UK


Fink, “Val” (Guest), ABC TV (Dir. Kitty Flanagan and Tom Peterson)
Bad Behaviour, “Miss Constantine” (Supporting), Stan (Dir. Corrie Chen)
, “Barb” (Recurring Guest), AMC Studios/Sony Pictures Television (Dir. Laura Belsey & Sam Catlin)
‘Till The Boys Come Home
(Pitch Concept), “Elsie McLeod” (Lead), Incognita Enterprises (Dir. Sally McLean)
Upper Middle Bogan
, “Cath” (Guest), ABC TV (Dir. Wayne Hope)
Jack Irish, “Celebrant” (Guest), ABC TV (Dir. Kieran Darcy-Smith)
Utopia, “Stacey” (Guest), Working Dog Productions (Dir. Rob Sitch)
Party Tricks, “Journalist” (Guest), Southern Star/Channel 10 (Dir. Kate Dennis)
The Worst Year Of My Life – Again!, “Miss Giddens” (Recurring Guest), ABC/BBC (Dir. Pino Amenta)
Offspring, “Journalist” (Guest), Southern Star/Channel 10 (Dir. Elissa Down)
The Bazura Project, “Lee’s Mum” (Recurring Guest), ABC2 (Dir. Tim Egan)
Killing Time, “Sue” (Guest), Fremantle Media/TV1 (Dir. Kevin Carlin)
Lowdown, “Heather” (Guest), ABC TV/BMZ TV Pty Ltd (Dir. Amanda Brotchie)
Elephant Princess, “Miss Julie” (Guest), Jonathan M Shiff Productions (Dir. Daniel Nettheim)
Kath & Kim, “Kim/Trude” (acting double), Riley Turner Productions (Dir. Ted Emery)
Blue Heelers, “Hospital Administrator” (Guest), Southern Star (Dir. Fiona Banks)
Comedy Inc., Var. Characters (Guest), Crackerjack Productions (Dir. David McDonald)
Bootleg (mini-series), “Angie Powers” (Lead), BBC/Burberry Productions (Dir. Ian Gilmour)
The Bookworm, “Girl Kissing In Phone Booth” (Guest), BBC London (Dir. Mandy Chang)
Poetry Nation, “Ingrid” (Guest), BBC London (Dir. Rick Berger)
Full Frontal, “London Madam” (Guest), Artists Services (Dir. Ted Emery)
Blue Heelers, “TV Interviewer” (Guest), Southern Star (Dir. Pino Amenta)
Tonight Live, “Mrs Beautiful” (Guest), Artists Services (Dir. Ted Emery)
The Late Show, “Singing Netballer” (Guest), ABC TV (Dir. Joe Murray)
Bingles, “Merryn” (Guest), Media Arts (Dir. Ian McFadyn)
Neighbours, Various Guest Roles, Grundy Television (Dir. Various)
Flying Doctors, “Sally Bell” (Recurring Guest), Crawford Productions (Dir. Paul Maloney)


Shakespeare Republic: #AllTheWebsAStage (The Lockdown Chronicles), “Macbeth” (Lead), Incognita Enterprises (Dir. Sally McLean)
Henry VIII,
“Queen Katherine” (Lead), The Show Must Go Online, UK (Dir. Rob Myles)
Henry V,
“Henry V” (Lead), Sofa Shakespeare, USA (Dir. Julia Giolzetti)
Richard III
, “Vaughan/Lord Mayor/Tyrrel” (Supporting), The Show Must Go Online, UK (Dir. Rob Myles)
A Midsummer Night’s Dream, “Oberon/Titania” (Lead), Sofa Shakespeare, USA (Dir. Julia Giolzetti)
The Taming of the Shrew,
“Katherina” (Lead), The Show Must Go Online, UK (Dir. Rob Myles)
Shakespeare Republic: #LoveTheBard (Season 2)
, “Beatrice” (Lead), Incognita Enterprises (Dir. Sally McLean)
The Trinity Experiment, “Dr Nunn” (Supporting), Guilty (Dir. Clayton Jacobson)
Shakespeare Republic (Season 1), “Billie” (Lead), Incognita Enterprises (Dir. Sally McLean)
Chris & Josh, “Jacqueline” (Guest), Balloon Tree Productions (Dir. Matt Smolen)
ATO Super Series, “Elena” (Lead), Great Southern Communications (Dir. Dorian Swies)
The Ken & Barbie Killers, “Karla” (Lead), Rogues Gallery TV (Dir. Paul Anthony Nelson)
D.A.T.E. Me, “Tracy” (Lead), NEon TV (Dir. Various)
Culture Pig, “Mirabelle Thwaites-Smythe” (Lead), Incognita Enterprises (Dir. Sally McLean)
Forrest’s New Beginning, “Aunt Jamie” (Supporting), Dir. Richard Sarell (The Rehearsal Room)


Henry, “Maria” (Lead), Dir. Lucy O’Connell (VCA)
Animal Work, “Mum” (Supporting), Dir. Izaak Marrinan (VCA)
Speaking Daggers
, “Beatrice” (Lead), Dir. Sally McLean (Incognita Enterprises & Independent Schools Victoria)
Artemis, “Mother” (Supporting), Dir. Daniel Higgins (VCA)
Thurlow, “Madame” (Supporting), Dir. Daniel Higgins (VCA)
Raymond Taylor’s Earnest Adventure in Love “Sylvie” (Lead), Dir. Jemma Van Loenen (Lollapalooza Films)
V for Vienetta “Lynette” (Supporting), Dir. Micha Couell (Swinburne)
Evie Wants A Baby “Astra” (Supporting), Dir. Jemma Van Loenen (Lollapalooza Films)
Masterpieces “Woman 1” (Supporting), Dir. Daniel Burger (Fourth Floor Films)
Rhyme & Reason “Sally the Beat Poet”, Dir. Richard Sarell (Rehearsal Room)
Light Bringer “Beatrice” (Lead), Dir. Claire Forgie (Miss Aeryn Parker Productions)
Why Must The Show Go On?, “Madeleine” (Lead), Dir. Paul Anthony Nelson (Cinema Viscera)
A Short History of Mime, “The Woman” (Supporting), Dir. Neil Edward Triffett (VCA)
Interchange, “Lisa” (Lead), Dir. Paul Anthony Nelson (Cinema Viscera.)
Dancing With Delight, “Dema” (Supporting), Dir. Rachel Blackwood (Independent)
Sleeper, “Catherine Gale” (Lead), Dir. Earnest Kim (VCA)
Raising Props, “Janice Dyer” (Supporting), Prod. Daniel Brophy (Pinstripe Prod.)
Within, “Young Wife” (Lead), Dir. Alexandra Aldrich (Melb. Uni.)
Death of a Property Salesman, “Mrs Derry” (Supporting), Dir. Joel Rembach
Brigit & Benny, “Brigit” (Lead), Dir. Sally McLean (Witchwood Films)
Return, “Mama” (Lead), Dir. Oscar Hernandez Jrn.
Life of Death, “God’s Secretary” (Supporting), Dir. Luke Fawkland-Brown (RMIT)
Ring of Roses, “Adrienne” (Lead), Dir. Crystalyn Cordwell (Infinity Films)
Shattered Melodie, “Jean” (Supporting), Dir. Yolanda Rois (RMIT )
Without A Word, “Camilla” (Lead), Dir. Angela Paraskevas (RMIT)
Under The Moon, “Lydia” (Lead), Dir. Harold Wesser (Wesser Films, UK)
Secrets, “Teri” (Lead), Dir. Ingrid Stonner (Set In Stone, UK)
Joining The Dots, “Teacher” (Supporting), Dir. Catherine Kerstjens (RMIT)
A Little Rain Must Fall, “Andy” (Lead), Dir. Dennis Morrison (Salmac Productions, UK)
Just Move Your Lips, “Sue” (Supporting), Dir. Peter Anderson (Panico Studios, UK)


Chasing Pegasus (moved reading), “Franklin Storey”, Incognita Enterprises/HFAS Australia (Dir. Sally McLean)
The Medea Project
, “Nurse”, Spark Theatre (Dir. Perri Cummings)
Flame Trees, “Val”, Wayne Tunks Productions (Dir. Perri Cummings)
The Comedy of Errors, “Dowsabel”, Australian Shakespeare Company (Dir. Glenn Elston)
The Professor, “Zoraide”, Fly On The Wall Theatre (Dir. Robert Chuter) (Rehearsed Reading)
Romeo & Juliet, “Lady Montague/Understudy”, Aust. Shakespeare Co. (Dir. Glenn Elston)
Chasing Pegasus “Katherine”, Gasworks Theatre/Mt Martha House (Dir. Sally McLean) (Australian Premier)
Melb. Writers’ Theatre, Various, Carlton Courthouse (Dir. Harry Paternoster)
Tunnel Vision, “Ego2”, BlackBox, Vic. Arts Centre (Dir. Sarah Matthews) (Workshop)
The Auxiliary, “Invisible Woman”, Gasworks Arts Park (Dir. Rachel Baring)
Murdered to Death, “Miss Maple”, Langwarrin Arts Centre (Dir. John Jenkins)
The Clairvoyant, “Judith”, Kingston Arts Centre (Dir. Sian Pryce)
Young Turks, “Josie/Mindy”, Carlton Courthouse (Dir. Roy Thompson) (Rehearsed Reading)
PS I Love You, “Elsie”, Mt Martha House (Dir. Sally McLean) (Workshop)
Chasing Pegasus, “Katherine”, Mt Martha House (Dir. Sally McLean) (Workshop)
Lovepuke, “Marissa”, Mechanics Institute (Dir. Brendan O’Connor)
I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change, “Woman One/Understudy” Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne (Dir. Andy Gale) (Australian Premier)
Macbeth, “King Duncan/Seyton”, Duke Of Cambridge, London (Dir. Alistair Barrie)
Annabel’s Requiem, “Jill”, Tower Theatre, London (Dir. Mac Andrews) (World Premier)
Top Girls, “Marlene”, ABL Studio, London (Dir. Sandy Maberley)
Uncle Vanya, “Sonia”, The Mews Studio, London (Dir. Sandy Maberley)
Hamlet, “Queen Gertrude”, The Mews Studio, London (Dir. Mac Andrews)
The Voice Circus, “Akita”, London Studio Theatre (Dir. Jana Dugal) (World Premier)
Streetwise, “Narrator” Melbourne Town Hall (Dir. Andrew Jarrett)
No, No, Nanette “Sue Smith” George Jenkins Theatre (Dir. Norman Smart)
Little Shop of Horrors, “Chiffon”, The Warehouse Studio (Dir. Andrew Jarrett)
Putting on the Ritz, “Emma”, George Jenkins Theatre (Dir. Sue Salvato)
On The Town, “Clair De Loone”, Phoenix Theatre (Dir. Rob Constable)
Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, “Grandma/Queenie” Mt Eliza Music Hall (Dir. Andrew Jarrett)
Annie, “Miss Hannigan”, George Jenkins Theatre (Dir. Clive Hearne)
For Tomorrow We Die, “Mrs Hudson/Moriarty”, Sherlock Holmes Hotel (Dir. Andrew Thompson)
Comedy Tonight, Var. characters, Mt Eliza Music Hall (Dir. Judith McLorinan)
Li’l Abner, “Moonbeam McSwine”, George Jenkins Theatre (Dir. Barry Woodford)
Oklahoma, “Ado Annie”, George Jenkins Theatre (Dir. Cheryl Annabel)
Blitz!, “Cissy Blitzstein”, Phoenix Theatre, Burwood (Dir. Andrew Jarrett) (Australian Premier)
Jesus Christ Superstar, “Reporter/Begger”, National Theatre, St Kilda (Dir. David Dunn)


List available on request


BBC/UK Gold Re-Launch Promo (UK)
Bookmark Film “Sex, Lies And Jerzy Kosinski” – BBC Television (UK)
Australia Post Radio Campaign
Sleepy Sam’s Bedding Furniture TV Campaign
Mornington Peninsula Business Council Film
National Water Sports Centre Cinema, Radio & TV Campaign
Little America’s Cup Radio Broadcast
Mini Jumbuck Products Radio Campaign


The Shakespeare Shoppe Web TV Series – Incognita Enterprises
BBC Late Review (Arts review program) – BBC London
Peninsula Update (Magazine program) – Bayside Television
Melbourne Water Restrictions Campaign – Bayside Television
MPBC Promotional Film – Bayside Television
Australian Diabetes Foundation Promotion – Australian Diabetes Foundation
La Trobe University Nursing Film – La Trobe University
Streetworks (Youth magazine program) – MPTV


The Bazura Project’s Radio Free Cinema, “Queen Victoria” – Dir. Lee Zachariah
Night Terrace: Horatio’s Travels
, “Amelia Earhart” & “Umlaut” – Splendid Chaps/Dir. John Richards
The Second Coming of Hugo, “Julie” (Recurring Guest)– JOY FM/Prod. Tunks Productions
Radio Trader Presenter – 89.7FM
Leads in various original Radio plays recorded for 3RPP-FM
Sunset Boulevard, “Betty Shaefer” (Radio Play) – 3MP
Breakfast & Drivetime Presenter – 3RPP-FM


Johnny Young Concert – Emjay Projects (Melbourne Town Hall)
For One Night Only – Youth Victoria (Dallas Brooks Hall)
PLOS Awards – PLOS Musical Theatre Inc. (George Jenkins Theatre)
Victorian Theatre Guild Awards – Victorian Theatre Guild Inc. (Phoenix Theatre)
Royal Children’s Hospital Appeal Concert – Channel 7/Strolling Players (Victorian Arts Centre Concert Hall)
Various concerts as part of youth touring company “The Strolling Players” – Toured Australia, UK, Holland & Switzerland


Creator/Writer/Director & Lead Ensemble member of digital project “Shakespeare Republic” selected for over 90 international film festivals, nominated over 80 times and the winner of over 40 awards (2015-2020)

2021 Unrestricted View Film Festival (UK) Awarded “Best Actress” (for “Macbeth” in Shakespeare Republic: #AllTheWebsAStage (The Lockdown Chronicles))
2021 Groundlings Choice Awards (UK) Nominated for “Best Principal Actor (History)” (for Henry VIII, The Show Must Go Online)
2020 Sydney Web Fest (Australia) Awarded “The Michael Ajakwe Jr Award For Innovation” (for Shakespeare Republic: #AllTheWebsAStage (The Lockdown Chronicles))
2019 Côte d’Azur Webfest (part of the 72nd Festival de Cannes Marché du Film program, Cannes, France), Awarded “Best Director” & “Best Dramatic Series” (for Shakespeare Republic)
2019 London International Motion Picture Awards (UK), Awarded “Best Ensemble Cast (Series)” (for Shakespeare Republic)
2018 Asia Web Awards (Korea), Awarded “Best Web Series of all the Genres” (Grand Jury Award) (for Shakespeare Republic)
2018 Asia Web Awards (Korea), Nominated “Best Actress” & “Best Director” (for Shakespeare Republic)
2018 Web Series Festival (USA), Nominated “Best Lead Actress” & “Best Director” (for Shakespeare Republic)
2017 Bilbao Seriesland (Spain), Awarded “Best Ensemble” (for Shakespeare Republic)
2017 CINE Golden Eagle Award (USA), Winner “Best Digital Series: Director – Sally McLean” (for Shakespeare Republic)
2017 Rio WebFest (Brazil), Awarded “Best Original Idea” (for Shakespeare Republic)
2017 Shakespeare Birthplace Trust “Filming Shakespeare” Festival (UK), Awarded “Highly Commended: Best Film Inspired By  Shakespeare” by Jury President, Sir Kenneth Branagh(for Speaking Daggers)
2016 Indiepossible International Film Festival (USA), Awarded “Best Director” (for Shakespeare Republic)
2016 British Council Short Film Competition (UK), Awarded “Best Shakespeare Short” (for Shakespeare Republic– Sally performing “Sonnet #18”)
2006 Cheevers Awards (Australia), Awarded “Best Supporting Actress” (for Murdered to Death)
1995 Inaugural Beneficiary of the Peninsula Performing Artists’ Fund (Bursary for study in UK)
1988 Radio 3RPP-FM (Australia), Awarded “Presenter of the Year” 
1990 MTGV Awards (Australia), Nominated “Best Supporting Actress” & “Best New Talent” (for Oklahoma)

For a more comprehensive list of awards Sally has been nominated for and won, please click here.


Singing (Mezzo Soprano), Dancing (Jazz, Basic Tap, Basic Ballet, Basic Ballroom), Autocue, Teaching (Drama), Basic Stage Fighting Technique (Fencing, Broadsword, Hand-to-Hand Combat), Pilates, Basic Yoga, Web Design, Computer literate, Clean Driver’s License (Car)


2019 Advanced Scene Study (Howard Fine Acting Studio Australia) – Howard Fine
2019 Working With The Pros (Howard Fine Acting Studio Australia) – Scott Major
2018 Acting Technique Master Class (Howard Fine Acting Studio Australia) – Howard Fine & David Coury
2018 Scene Study (Howard Fine Acting Studio, Australia) – Howard Fine
2017 Scene Study (Howard Fine Acting Studio, Australia) – Howard Fine
2015 Singing For Actors (SFA 1.1) (Howard Fine ActingStudio) – David Coury
2015 Acting Technique Workshop (Equity Foundation) – Daina Reid
2015 Prepare To Work Not Audition (ACA) – Ted Brunetti
2014 Scene Study (6 Weeks) (Howard Fine Acting Studio, Australia) – Howard Fine & Laura Gardner
2014 Acting Technique Master Class (Howard Fine Acting Studio, Australia) – Howard Fine
2013 Scene Study (6 Weeks) (Howard Fine Acting Studio, Australia) – Howard Fine & Karen Ludwig
2013 Acting Technique Masterclass (Howard Fine Acting Studio, Australia) – Howard Fine
2013 Scene Study (6 Weeks) (Howard Fine Acting Studio, Australia) – Marilyn McIntyre & Ted Brunetti
2013 Prepare To Work Not Audition (Equity Foundation) – Ted Brunetti
2013 Audition Technique Workshops (Rehearsal Room) – Various Casting Directors, Aust
2013 Acting Technique Workshop (Equity Foundation) – Jean Pierre Mignon
2012 Acting Technique Masterclass (Howard Fine Acting Studio, Australia) – Howard Fine & David Coury
2012 Audition Technique (Howard Fine Acting Studio, Australia) – Laura Gardner
2012 Scene Study (3 Weeks) (Howard Fine Acting Studio, Australia) – Howard Fine
2012 Audition Technique Workshops (Rehearsal Room) – Various Casting Directors, Aust
2012 Connecting to Shakespeare Masterclasses (Banyai Arts Education) – Goran Banyai
2011 Shakespeare Research Workshop – (Banyai Arts Education)- Goran Banyai
2011 Audition Technique Workshops (Rehearsal Room) – Various Casting Directors, Aust
2011 Acting Shakespeare – Peter Oyston
2011 Summer Screen Acting Intensive (Rehearsal Room) – Richard Sarell
2009 Audition Technique Workshops (Rehearsal Room) – Various Casting Directors, Aust
2009 Audition Technique Workshops (MAA) – Alison Telford, Lou Mitchell & Marianne Jade, Melb, Aust.
2009 The Heart of Drama – Faith Martin, Melbourne, Australia
2007 The Actors Center, London (Audition Technique) – Sarah Hughes, London, UK
2006 Masterclass Series (Rehearsal Room) – Richard Sarell, Melbourne, Australia
2006 The American Experience (TAFTA) – Bruce Shapiro, Melbourne, Australia
2005 Advanced Acting Class Series (Rehearsal Room) – Richard Sarell, Melbourne, Aust.
1997 MA In Drama & Education (Units 1 & 2), The Actors Institute & Open University, London
1996 Bruce Meyers Workshops (Peter Brook Company), London
1996 Physical Theatre – Sofia University, Bulgaria
1995 Practical Acting – Phil Peacock (The Actor’s Institute), London
1995 Singing (Musical Theatre/Jazz/Rock) – Jana Dugal (The Actor’s Institute), London
1994 Singing (Musical Theatre) – Julian Ward-Smith (Central School), London
1993 Singing (Musical Theatre/Jazz) – Nina Cooke (Private Tutor), Frankston
1992 NIDA Summer School – Angela Punch MacGregor, Sydney
1992 Tap (Dance) – Vicki Lee (Dance Factory), Melbourne
1992 Jazz & Modern (Dance) – Sue Salvato, Frankston
1985 & 1990 Television Drama – Graeme Moore & Bunny Brooks (Crawford Productions), Melbourne
1987 Singing (Opera – A.M.E.B. Grade 4 to 6) – Margaret Brown, Mt Eliza
1986 Jazz (Dance) (A.M.D.T. Bronze to Silver Seal) – Danceworks, Cheltenham