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“The Arts – Who Needs It?” – Keynote speech from Independent Schools Victoria’s AGM #ArtsLearning #ArtsEducation

Earlier this month, I was invited to address the Independent Schools Victoria AGM on a topic of my choosing.  I chose the title “The Arts – Who Needs It?” (and yes, I know this is grammatically incorrect – read the speech to find out how I came to this title), and spoke to the 211 assembled School Principals, the Shadow Minister for Education in Victoria and members of the Victorian Education Department, as well as ISV Board Members about Creativity, Innovation and the Arts and how we can all play a role in championing the Arts in schools and beyond.

After delivering the speech, Independent Schools Victoria requested permission to publish it on one of their websites and have now made the link available for anyone who is interested in reading what I had to say.

You will find the full transcript here:

Sally McLean addresses the nearly 300 strong audience at the ISV AGM at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Melbourne earlier this month about the importance of Arts Learning.

I would like to thank ISV for the invitation to speak and to the assembled guests for both their warm reception afterwards and kind remarks.  And I would like to reiterate one of my points from my speech – “… academic and sporting prowess are not the only things that bring value to society.  And I say that as the daughter of an Olympian and an academic.”

With many thanks to ISV Policy and Editorial Advisor, Shane Green, for hosting me on the night and requesting permission to publish my thoughts on this important topic.