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“Playing The Bard” returns to Howard Fine Acting Studio in August …

We’re now hurtling into the second half of the year and there is a lot going on, but nothing much I can talk about … yet.

However, the one thing I can share is that “Playing The Bard: Shakespeare In Performance” is returning to Howard Fine Acting Studios in Melbourne in August AND HFAS Australia is having a Winter Sale, so all courses can be booked at a 20% discount (discount applied at checkout, so no codes to remember).

We’re doing scenes this next class, and bookings are starting to fill, so get in now to grab your place and get the discount!

All details here:

David Coury, Sally McLean and Howard Fine in November 2018

Speaking of HFAS Australia, I’m currently neck-deep in Howard Fine’s Advanced Scene Study class, paired with the fabulous Stevie Lopez (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales). We’re having a whale of a time doing our scene and the final chance to audit this class is tomorrow (Saturday).

If you’d like to come along and see Howard in person doing his amazing thing (there’s a reason Will Smith, Brad Pitt and Gal Gadot, among many others, have worked with him during their careers), jump on this link here and grab your auditing pass (the 20% Winter Sale also applies to the auditing fees).

See you in class!

My “day” job …

Jac Frost by Sally McLean

Some might not know that I originally started my writing life as a poet. And I’m also a graphic designer. And I run a Redbubble store. Why am I sharing all this info with you? Because I’ve got some new digital collage works uploaded, which you can get on posters, tote bags, notebooks and even t-shirts that are directly related to my poetry and short fiction writing – part of an ongoing conversation I’m having with myself using words and images.

I also have a swathe of other designs available – related to Shakespeare and the entertainment industry in general, plus inspirational quotes, Alice In Wonderland themed designs – whatever takes my fancy at the time the design muse takes over.

So that’s it for now! I’m looking forward to sharing more news, but it’s embargoed until next month, so … speak to you all then!

‘Till next we speak, take care, be kind and shine as only you can.

Sal x