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Howard Fine, A Life Unexpected and ABC TV

Ben Steel, Sally McLean and Bobby Galinsky

Things have been busy as usual for Sally over the past few months. On the acting front, she has been filming a recurring Guest role for a new ABC/BBC TV comedy series to be released later this year, as well as working again with the wonderful Los Angeles-based, Howard Fine (pictured below – on the right – with Sally and HFAS full-time course alumni, Shane Savage) at the Howard Fine Acting Studio (Australia). Sally had the great pleasure of working with fellow actor and scene partner, Mike Smith, as a participant at the Howard Fine Masterclass in July, and continues her study with the Studio with ongoing Scene Study, firstly with Howard and then Karen Ludwig.

Shane Savage, Sally McLean and Howard Fine

On the writing and producing front, things continue to bubble along with Sally’s documentary A Life Unexpected: The Man Behind the Miracle Mile, with fellow actor, director and producer, Ben Steel joining the team (pictured at the top of this post with Sally and Exec. Producer, Bobby Galinsky), another round of interviews filmed and the date of actual principal photography looming closer! A lovely article appeared in IF Magazine, talking about the project and things are finally happening. Yay!

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