“The Rogues Gallery” meets “The Bazura Project” or Web TV meets ABCTV

Above: The Rogues Gallery “Ken & Barbie Killers” poster (designed by Incognita Design)

2011 has been a busy one for Sally so far – starting with the Summer Season of “The Comedy of Errors” as Dowsabel with the Australian Shakespeare Company in the Royal Botanic Gardens until March, then straight into researching for the documentary “Franz Stampfl: The Man Behind the Miracle Mile“, followed by filming and performing live in “The Ken & Barbie Killers” for The Rogues Gallery (an Incognita Enterprises/ Cinema Viscera co-production) in June.

She then played the semi-regular role of “Lee’s Mum” (or “Mrs Zachariah” – not sure yet how she’ll be credited) for the new ABC2 comedy series “The Bazura Project” (which airs on September 29th) and is now in pre-production for the aforementioned Franz Stampfl documentary as writer/director!

Busy, busy, busy!