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Hello Europe and “The Bazura Project”

Sally and her crew filming at The Imperial Hotel, Vienna for her documentary “A Life Unexpected: The Franz Stampfl Story”

2011 turned out to be a great year, with some fabulous acting roles for Sally, but also providing her with the opportunity of donning her director’s cap again for the first time in five years.

As per our last update, Sally was appearing on ABC2 in the semi-regular role of “Lee’s Mum” in “The Bazura Project” when the call came through – the money had been raised via donations to enable her to start filming her docudrama project “A Life Unexpected: The Franz Stampfl Story“! Within a few short weeks, Sally, along with her Director of Photography, Tim Egan and Gaffer/Sound Op., Saraj Alkemade were winging their way to Europe to begin the first round of interviews with people such as Sir Roger Bannister, Sir Christopher Chataway, Ulick O’Connor and members of the Stampfl family. Seven interviews in three countries in ten days and the first lot of interviews were “in the can”! To read Sally’s blog posts about the trip, go here.

So, what will 2012 hold? So far – more filming on the docudrama (the next donation round is currently happening – go to the project’s official website to find out more), plus some fascinating acting opportunities in theatre and filmed theatre in the coming months. ‘Till next time …