Another of Sally’s books published – this time for actors


In between all the other bits and pieces going on last year (that wrap up will be live here soon), I also managed to publish not just my book of poetry (a long held goal), but also this second book “O For A Muse Of Fire: Quotes On Acting From Pioneers Of The Stage“.

I am so very proud of this collection of quotes.  It took months of research, immersing myself in the history of the acting business, exploring the lives and recorded thoughts of so many fascinating actors, writers, directors and others who had come before, from all around the world, and I loved every minute of it.

Available on Amazon.com (“and in all good booksellers” as the ads say!), this book is something I hope every actor gets a chance to look at, delve into and find inspiration from.

Published under the auspices of ActorSpeak.com (my acting resources website and business, which you’ll find here), I also illustrated the book with pop art renditions of all the actors featured (the artwork for which I also loved creating) and we have already begun releasing additional merchandise featuring these designs – with more scheduled in the coming months.

I am passionate about the history of our business and hope this tome brings back into the limelight some of the fascinating people who set the groundwork for all of us who are now plying our craft in the acting profession.

To find out more about this book, check out the official site here.

‘Till next time …

Sally x