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The Medea Project, Shakespeare Republic and other reports from the classical world …


November is a busy month! Lots to share with you, so let’s get going …


I have been involved in a fantastic theatrical production, The Medea Project, which explores the Greek myth of Medea, using the original classical text with a modern twist.  Songs, text, storytelling.  The sharing of a tragedy through the eyes of three women.  It has been challenging, no question, but working with fantastic cast Kristina Benton and Hannah Gott, under the direction of Perri Cummings has also been a joy.  It is a celebration and exploration about women and the trials and tribulations we are still facing today.  We open tomorrow (Wednesday, Nov 25) and it’s a limited season – four performances only! – at Brunswick Arts Space.  Tickets are still available and you can book yours here:


Things continue to move with Shakespeare Republic, with plans already underway for 2016, which is also the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.  We have three major projects in the works, including a live show, as well as Season Two of the webseries and I look forward to sharing more information when I can.  We are also currently on the film festival circuit and I am delighted to announce that we have now been Officially Selected for four festivals to date: The 2015 Garden City International Film Festival (India), the October 2015 Roma CinemaDOC (Italy), the 2016 Near Nazareth Festival (Israel) and the 2015 Underground FilmFest (Belgium, UK and USA).  The laurels are proudly displayed on the Shakespeare Republic website and you can see those here:


And finally, the feature documentary that I am directing and co-producing is nearing completion of filming!  I am so delighted to be able to type those words!  We have two more shoot days Sydney/Brisbane and Melbourne and then it’s onto the rough cut.  More news on that as it comes to hand as well.  In the meantime, check out the website here:

And that’s it for now!  I hope everyone is well and busy and hope to see you at the theatre this week! (If you’re in Melbourne, of course).

‘Till next time …