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Shakespeare Republic launches next week!

It’s been all systems go over the past couple of months, but I’m certainly not complaining!

Firstly, my feature documentary, A Life Unexpected, continues filming with shoots in Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, interviewing more Sporting luminaries for the film.  I’ve also managed to fit two more acting gigs into the mix, both for the ABC, which were such fun and I’m really looking forward to seeing them go to air (both later this year) and the big news this week is that my passion project, Shakespeare Republic had it’s official launch on Tuesday and Episode 1 featuring Alan Fletcher airs next Wednesday at 11am!

The trailer for the series was released publicly yesterday, and we’ve been getting such great feedback from all quarters about the work so far, which is really exciting!  I am so very much looking forward to sharing the whole series with everyone – it has been a crazy schedule of filming and now editing, but I love the Bard and being able to put my own take on his works, in collaboration with a brilliant group of actors that I adore, including Michala Banas, Alan Fletcher, Rowena Hutson, Billy Smedley and Ben Steel, has been a crazy but such a rewarding experience.

So, as I’m now deep in the edit for the series, I’ll leave it here, but give a shout out to all my brilliant cast and crew for all their hard work, talent and enthusiasm.

Here’s the trailer for your viewing – speak soon with more news!

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‘Till next time,

Sally x