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“Light Bringer” and “Why Must The Show Go On?” now wrapped

So much has been happening over the past six months! Where to start!?!

Sally on the set of Light Bringer as
Sally on the set of Light Bringer as “Beatrice”

Latest Film News
Sally has been busy working on several film projects, the most fun being the short film “Lightbringer”, where she got to play “Beatrice” (right), a 14 year old girl trapped in a 30+ woman’s body. Sound familiar? Well, add the twist of the girl being Irish, it being set at the turn of the 20th Century in rural Australia and throw in a demon or two and you have a whole other kind of film. Directed by Claire Forgie, shot on 16mm and filled with Jane Austen style dresses and tresses – this film was great fun to work on (not to mention the make up special effects used as well! 6 hours in the chair for one shot!!)

Why Must The Show Go On?
Directed by Paul Anthony Nelson, Sally co-wrote and produced this film with Perri Cummings, as well as playing the lead of “Madeleine”, the driven and dictator-like Artistic Director of Unbelieveable Productions.

Set in the madness of the fringe theatre scene, filming took place in February over five days and the film is now in post-production. The launch is due to take place in September.

In other film news, Sally has just begun work as producer for “1 in 6” a short film for Snowgun Films, directed by Daniel Knight. She is also about to start work on a new webisode series as writer/producer, again with Perri Cummings, “Telling Tales” (working title), due to shoot in October. Sally will also be playing a role in the series. She also wrote and produced the pilot for the web TV series, “D.A.T.E. Me” for NEon TV in January.