“Elephant Princess”, Shakespeare and Bill Hunter

“Interchange” – Sally (on right) with Perri Cummings. Inset: Sally with Bill Hunter

Far too much has been going on since the last update, but here goes …

Sally’s latest TV gig
Sally has finished filming the role of “Miss Julie” for Jonathan M Shiff’s “Elephant Princess”. The series will air on Channel 10 later this year. Look out for the character with the most severe hairdo and amazingly theatrical make up (it’s okay – it’s meant to look like that) – and that will be her.

Sally’s latest theatre gig
Sally has also finished romping around the Royal Botanical Gardens as part of the cast for “Romeo & Juliet” (playing Lady Montague and understudying Lady Capulet & the Nurse). It was Sally’s first foray into Shakespeare in the Park with the Australian Shakespeare Company and she thoroughly enjoyed every minute!

Sally’s latest film gig
Sally finished filming the role of “Lisa” in the film “Interchange” (above) directed by Paul Anthony Nelson. For a film that focused on football, she surprisingly enjoyed every second of being on set. Great cast and crew, great script and great character. A definite highlight was meeting Australian screen legend, Bill Hunter during the shoot. Her next film gig will be a role for the short film “A Short History of Mime”, shooting in August.