Photo Gallery – Film Roles

Here you’ll find a collection of photos from Sally’s film career to date.

Speaking Daggers (2017)

Featuring Sally McLean, Michala Banas, Nadine Garner, Christopher Kirby, Scott Major, Billy Smedley, Faran Martin and Jaron Natoli. Written and Directed by Sally McLean. The film has now been officially selected for 21 festivals around the world and won 3 awards.  Screenings include St Kilda Film Festival (final picture).

Why Must The Show Go On? (2010)

Featuring Sally McLean, Perri Cummings, Paul Dawber and Nathan Strauss. Written by Sally McLean and Perri Cummings. Directed by Paul Anthony Nelson.

Light Bringer (2009)

A Little Rain Must Fall (1997)

Featuring Sally McLean, Alistair Barrie, James Rose, Zara Balfour, Rebecca Nunn, Aki Omori, David Hankinson and Joanna Goodchild. Written by Sally McLean and Jonathon Carr. Directed by Dennis Morrison.