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Offspring and Evie Wants a Baby … I’m seeing a sort of theme here …

Sally as
Sally as “Astra” with Mick Preston as “Marcus” during filming of “Evie Wants A Baby”

As per our last update, Sally was appearing on ABC Television in the semi-regular role of “Lee’s Mum” in The Bazura Project, directing and producing her first major docudrama A Life Unexpected: The Franz Stampfl Story(yes, it’s been re-titled) and waiting for the greenlight for a couple of acting gigs.

So, what’s happened since then? Sally has played “Astra” in Evie Wants A Baby (see above photo) for Lollapalooza Films, ooh-ed and ahh-ed over bargins for the recent series of K-Mart commercials, played a Journalist for Offspring (Channel 10) and is currently giving her Shakespeare brain another workout with Banyai Theatre. She is also still producing and directing her first major docudrama (the next donation round is currently happening – go to the project’s official website to find out more) and now also contemplating undertaking a new web TV series. So it’s all go! ‘Till next time …

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